Friday, September 26, 2008


Today was Harley's surgery.  When we got up this morning he kept giving me these really sad looks.  I think he knew what was coming.

I was trying not to be a nervous wreck, so I went out and knit with the girls for a few hours.  As the horribly over-reacting mother that I am, I called and checked on him several times.

When they finally told me I could come and pick him up, I rushed up to the vets office so I could see my baby.  When they finally brought him out to me he had this funny little cone around his neck.  And for the first time ever, when the vet tech put him in my arms and I tried to kiss him, he turned his head and refused to give me a kiss.  I knew at that moment he was really pissed off at me.

He's been wobbling around the house, because he keeps putting his head down.  And walking into walls and furniture.

But don't feel too sorry for him.  He has managed to figure out how to get out of the cone, twice.  Smart little whipper-snapper!

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amy-lynne......... said...

he looks like a lil satelite dish icon wannabe... he'll get over it soon though...