Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost Grown Up and Time To Play

The other day I went to a lys and made several gorgeous purchases.  I was trying to take pictures to share on my personal blog but Harley decided he had to check out the yarn first.  Before I knew it, his little head pooped up in a couple of the pics.  So, as is almost always the case, I just had to share them with the world (well, at least with the internet).

 This gorgeous silk/merino hand dyed was his favorite, and mine too.   You can hardly see this sock yarn.  I think Harley's inner cat was showing itself for this pic.  He batted this yarn ball around for a minute or two until I was finally able to wrangle it away from him.   This pic was taken after the original photo shoot.  He is such a cutie, there is no way I can't take pics of him when he's still like this.  Unfortunately for me, he's not still like this very often.

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